Solid Silver Watch with Sterling SIlver Clasp Bracelet

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Are you a fan of four-sided watches or simply want a watch that would stand out from the € round € crowd?

These days, squares and rectangles are definitely re-gaining popularity.

ROXERINA Lightning Sterling Silver Watch has it all € unusual and eye-catching case design, classic and solid sterling silver bracelet, and a bit of feminine touch € real natural mother-of-pearl display.

The case of this watch measures 18*23 mm, a very modest size, by today €™s standards, but still big enough to show the time clearly.

Add to it the high quality quartz glass, water-resistance to 30 m, and over 60 grams of solid sterling silver € both, the case and the bracelet are made of real 925 silver! € and it becomes clear: not only it is a beautiful timepiece, but a great investment that will become a treasured family relic and will be passed from generation to generation for years to come!